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Copyright and infringement registration help you secure the originality of your creation and inventions. You can easily register a copyright for your books, lyrics & rhythm, articles, etc. Apart from this, copyright holds evidence proving your ownership. It is also required for legal copyright cases (if any). Once you become a copyright owner, you have the authority to choose the way your work is made available to the public. You may decide to share your creativity with the world or keep it exclusive.

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What sort of Stuff can I Copyright?

US Trademark is named to help the owners protect their creations legally and lawfully. Our line-up files registration for copyright and infringement ensuring the security of your hard work.

  • Literary Works
  • Photographs
  • Acoustic or Sound Recordings
  • Melodious Work or Lyrics
  • Songs Records/Tracks
  • Websites
  • Maps
  • Motion Pictures
  • TV set Shows
  • Scripts/Screenplays/Dialogues
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Technical Drawings
  • Visual Arts/Graphic Arts
  • Software and Programs
  • Artistic Masterpieces
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